Princess Taxi Girl by Martin Creed · 4 September 2016

Had fun making this little film with Martin Creed.

Watch Princess Taxi Girl by clicking here.
Martin Creed

W magazine · 14 July 2016

We produced Impossible to Print to share some of the stories, interviews and workshops Impossible has collected over its first two years. Possibly anarchist. Almost gentle. Definitely positive.

You can buy a copy on shop.impossible.com

W magazine impossible to print

From saint to sinner… · 11 April 2016

Medium · 9 March 2016

An article co-written by Lily and Adam Werbach about the concept of sharing and its arguable bastardisation amongst modern day economics. “Is it just us or is there something a bit awkward about marrying ‘sharing’ with ‘billion dollars’? Unless you are sharing a billion dollars, which would be rather cool.”

Screenshot 2016-03-09 18.23.28

Huffington Post · 1 March 2016

Project Literacy is a global coalition of organisations from War Child to the Clinton Foundation who agree that illiteracy is a root cause and sustainer of many of the major social challenges we face from gender equality to world hunger. Lily launched the Alphabet of Illiteracy to support the campaign which you can discover more about here.


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The Huffington Post · 20 February 2016

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Attitude Adjuster 1996 · 17 December 2015
Wylde · 11 September 2015


Born on the hottest day

Witchcraft. Wilderness.

Love beyond doubt.
Love, a fact of life.
Without fear or choice.

Wylde Cole Ferreira.
We have a little girl –


· 31 August 2015



Photos by mum · 15 June 2015

I have added my mother, Patience Owen, as a photographer here.

She took images of me like this. Click here to see more…

lily cole young by patience owen microphone

Birmingham · 2 June 2015

Two working class girls
Dressed in pearls.
Max Mara; Roland Mouret

Dripping cashmere
Feeling poor
Apple pear trickles

Sweet to survive
In a gifted reality
Measuring riches

Comparing debts.
Wealth’s ceiling
Framed by its roots.

tree with hoop

Impossible has a new app!! · 28 May 2015

Download our new iOS app here

It’s been a year since I spoke with Chelsea Clinton at the Apple Store in New York to launch the first Impossible iOS app, and we have since grown a community of users in 75 countries around the world, and learnt a lot.

We have taken those learnings to develop the second Impossible app which has several new features…

– sexy fuller profiles (more photos, tag lines and tell us your skills so we can better match and filter posts to you)

– language filtering (choose which language/languages you want to read your feed in as our global community posts in multiple languages!)

– add photos to your posts (add a color background or take a photo to reflect your need or offer)

– a news feed (your news! click on news to read stories from the community, and share your own stories)

– a shop (click on shop to discover products that are made in interesting and transparent ways; products can be bought for money or your impossible thanks!)

Download the app and I hope to see you on there!

on a quantified world… · 23 May 2015

Lily Cole photography Himalayas

if art becomes data
then data becomes art

followers hits views
our metrics of success
as we drive a world
watching itself watching itself

the mirror can only reflect
the status quo
familiar – formula
popularity contest

if art becomes data
then data becomes art

say no
“less rubbish”
paint blind – write deaf
sing unfashionable chords

warp the mirror.
only the splinters
and tests of time
can reflect you.

on failure… · 21 May 2015

Lily Cole photography India

i passed my driving test

it was hailing on the car

i drove through a roundabout

children and marriages

kindness helped but

i was good enough to pass now

last year for five hours

i cried in the himalayan folds

after failing twice, thrice

but now here

in the small sheen of earned success

i thank failure for learning.

on kindness · 19 May 2015

Lily Cole photography grandmother

kindness conceived you.

kindness caught you as you fell from between your mother’s legs.

kindness fed you before you were able to lift a fork.

kindness taught you to speak – to walk – to love –

perhaps kindness taught you to conceive another.

kindness webbed life.

kindness built homes.

and at its most potent, kindness came  from strangers.

reminding you for one eternal moment that you are not alone;

that you belong.

Photography · 17 May 2015

I have just added some photographs taken by me (and a few of me by loved ones) from 2014….

Click here to see more…

Lily Cole photography India

Welcome… · 17 May 2015

Welcome to Lily Cole’s official website.

“Here you will find the different threads that weave together my working life.

On the left hand is work I have directly produced: writing, photography, films and information on the social network I founded, Impossible.

On the right hand you will discover work I have participated in with others and perceptions of me: how I have been portrayed in writing and images; from characters I have played to social businesses I have supported.”





Lily Cole photography